Volunteer Spotlight: Melissa Love

Melissa Love has been volunteering with NoSilence NoViolence since last summer. As a Crisis Support Facilitator, she fields urgent requests from domestic violence and sexual assault survivors seeking safe harbor or emergency resources. 

As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) and an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC) with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Domestic Violence Specialist certification, Melissa has a trauma-informed approach to fielding requests. She’s also a mom of two, and her gentle, calm and compassionate demeanor helps those in crisis feel seen, heard and supported when they need it most.

Why do you volunteer with NoSilence NoViolence?

I volunteer with NoSilence NoViolence because I am passionate about ending the cycle of violence. I have seen 3 generations of violence within my own family and want to do everything I can to reduce the chance that it will occur in future generations. I love being part of the solution for others who want support and change as well. The harm doer often suggests that no one else cares or that there is no way out. As a crisis support facilitator, I love to prove them wrong. There are many wonderful individuals and agencies that dedicate their time and resources to those seeking support and safety from domestic violence

What is your most impactful memory from volunteering?

The most impactful part of my volunteer work is each time I witness the courage that it takes to stand up and say, “No more.” That moment is so powerful. It inspires me personally to grow in fortitude each day.

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