2 years ago I was faced with the reality that I was in a very unhealthy torturous relationship with my husband. Left abandoned at 7 weeks pregnant I was forced to make a change in my life that has brought me through this journey over the past 24 months. Feeling alone and very scared I ran across the Healing Ministries and the support of facilitator Jessica. From the first contact I had with Jessica it has been nothing but miraculous power and encouragement, clarity and true love. Her struggles in her past really hit me pretty much right in the heart. I was not alone. Jessica has truly been such and inspiration to me and in finding the hope and faith to go on and continuously heal the complete dysfunction that I was living. I couldn't fathom a day with out having met this women. I don't think my life would be where it is today with out her continual efforts, support, love, and undying compassion to help others who have been victim to one form of abuse of another. She truly is the definition of strength, power and hope.
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