“Without (your) help, I would probably not be alive today. Healing from trauma is not an easy task. I personally have made a lot of progress in this regard and was actively working full-time as an Independent Contractor when Covid-19 hit the United States. I lost 85% of my income in the matter of 5 days without any hope for the near future. After working so hard so many years, I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me yet again. This event severely triggered my PTSD response and I nearly killed myself. I am so grateful I reached out one more time for help. Thank God for Jessica and (the grant to NSNV from the San Diego Foundation),  whose support is helping me to pay for sessions with my trauma therapist and start to rebuild again with a foundation of strong, healing support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“I thought I deserved the abuse. My mom was abused and so was my grandmother. I learned different through this organization and now know better and can do better for me and my son.”

“I thought there was something wrong with me…until I was able to meet women dealing with the same struggles I was. They held me up when I had nothing to stand on, and now I’m in a position to do the same for those coming in behind me.”

“As a college student working hard to graduate from school without anyone finding out what I was going through, I was exhausted, alone, and hopeless. I came to a NoSilence NoViolence presentation to support a friend, and little did I know it would change my life as well. Since receiving support from the organization I’ve been able to leave my abusive boyfriend. They are now paying for counseling services and helped move me into my own place. I have hope of a future again.”

“Being surrounded by women who had endured the same pain and shared similar stories lifted my shame and helped me come to a place I never thought I’d be… a place of forgiveness.  I have forgiven my abuser and learned how to love myself from a place of worthiness that has carried me through my darkest hour and lifted me into a place of peace.”

“2 years ago I was faced with the reality that I was in a very unhealthy torturous relationship with my husband. Left abandoned at 7 weeks pregnant I was forced to make a change in my life that has brought me through this journey over the past 24 months. Feeling alone and very scared I ran across the Healing Ministries and the support of facilitator Jessica. From the first contact I had with Jessica it has been nothing but miraculous power and encouragement, clarity and true love. Her struggles in her past really hit me pretty much right in the heart. I was not alone. Jessica has truly been such and inspiration to me and in finding the hope and faith to go on and continuously heal the complete dysfunction that I was living. I couldn’t fathom a day with out having met this women. I don’t think my life would be where it is today with out her continual efforts, support, love, and undying compassion to help others who have been victim to one form of abuse of another. She truly is the definition of strength, power and hope.”

“Jessica Yaffa’s remarkable story gives voice to the millions of women around the world who live in silent torment at the hands of their abusers and the unthinkable levels of courage needed to overcome them.”

“No matter how remarkable the brutality, Jessica Yaffa’s escape from her husband and redemption story tells the real tale. The book is a spiritual kick-starter.”

“NoSilenceNoViolence has been there for me since the moment I stepped into the church feeling lost, confused, alone, and afraid.  For the past two years they have provided me and my children with love, support, guidance, shelter and the necessities we’ve needed to survive.  Without them, I have no idea where we would be.  They have given us hope and a chance to start over.”

“Hi Jessica – I really want to thank you for leading the group on Tuesdays. I feel that I am in an exponentially better place because of what you do. I just want to say that because you may not really realize the impact of God’s ministry through you. I feel I am on a path to healing now. Before I was in survival and denial – and honestly still probably am in a lot of ways. But, now I know it now and am working on it. I feel like there is a way to recover.”

“To say you are an amazing woman is an understatement! Thank you for sharing.”