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Oranges Make Orange Juice

I was inspired to write this post after meeting with a colleague where we discussed the dynamic surrounding survivors of domestic violence blaming themselves for the violent outbursts displayed by their partner. I began to express my own experiences around self-blame, of which I’ve had many, when he stopped me. My colleague then shared a…

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Redefining Justice

I’ve had countless conversations with women around this idea that the only form of justice suitable for an abusive partner results from the action taken by the criminal justice system. I’d like to challenge each of us to begin to think differently about this. I’m all too familiar with the feelings associated with not feeling…

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No More Shame

As I prepare for the upcoming conference at SDSU this coming Saturday I spend some time reflecting on my journey, and which pieces of it I’ll choose to share with the young adults I’ll be speaking to, with the intention of creating opportunities for conversation and learning. In doing so I’m reminded of the many…

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