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Domestic Violence and Mental Health

Those of us that have experienced domestic violence recognize the number of ways it affects our being. Domestic violence can cause an adverse ripple effect on the emotional and psychological state of a survivor. Panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety are often ignited by domestic violence and/or other severe forms of […]

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Mine Until Book Cover

Mine Until Prepares to Launch

In less than one week my memoir, Mine Until will become available across the country. It was with many mixed emotions that I participated in the final read through as it went off to the design team close to two months ago. As I flipped through the pages of what is my life, I was […]

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Oranges Make Orange Juice

I was inspired to write this post after meeting with a colleague where we discussed the dynamic surrounding survivors of domestic violence blaming themselves for the violent outbursts displayed by their partner. I began to express my own experiences around self-blame, of which I’ve had many, when he stopped me. My colleague then shared a […]

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Redefining Justice

I’ve had countless conversations with women around this idea that the only form of justice suitable for an abusive partner results from the action taken by the criminal justice system. I’d like to challenge each of us to begin to think differently about this. I’m all too familiar with the feelings associated with not feeling […]

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Myths Surrounding Domestic Violence

Whenever I begin a presentation or workshop I spend some time discussing the myths and stereotypes that exist surrounding domestic violence… Who does this happen to? What ethnic groups/religions/socio economic classes are most likely to be victimized? What are the backgrounds of those that find themselves in abusive relationships? Unfortunately, the answers to each of […]

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Emotional Abuse

Good afternoon friends, I have spent a significant amount of time recently responding to emails and Facebook comments surrounding emotional abuse. As a result, I’ve felt compelled to write a short blog about what constitutes emotional abuse, as well as our rights in relationship. Emotional abuse (or verbal abuse) can look very different from relationship […]

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