Mine, Until



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Thirteen years ago her ex-husband went off to prison for 29 years.
Today this San Diego woman shares the details of her experience in her memoir “Mine, Until”  and travels around the country with the intention of creating a global movement surrounding domestic violence and rape.

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“mine until” gives us the opportunity to flesh out the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault through the story of Jessica Yaffa. In the book, Ms. Yaffa’s transparency and “no holds barred” openness of her abuse isn’t always comfortable, but it’s honest and real. I opened the book at 9 pm thinking I’d just check it out and read a couple pages…fast forward to 3 am when I could no longer keep my eyes open. Ms. Yaffa’s story is so compelling you won’t want to put the book down. In the wake of #metoo, “mine until” is a real life, true story of one woman’s tragedy and the courage it takes to live through and past it. I highly recommend this book!



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