Ringing in the New Year

As we approach the New Year many of us tend to spend time reflecting on the previous months. I’m reminded of the many years I spent reviewing all of the ways in which I had failed, what I wish I could have changed, the guilt I felt surrounding my circumstances, and the deficiency I had experienced as a girlfriend, then wife, and young mother. Now, as I continue to move in my purpose, and have come to love myself unconditionally, I spent these moments reflecting on the opportunities for growth and learning that this past year has presented, the mistakes that have resulted in blessings, the small successes and achievements that are worth celebrating, as well as the belief in bigger things to come. My wish for each of you friends, is that as you prepare to ring in the New Year, you are also purposeful in shifting your perspectives. Be kind to yourselves during this time, validate all that you have experienced without the concept of good or bad, recognize your inability to control outcomes, while focusing on the opportunities to change what you can. What are your intentions this next year and what steps, big and small, can we take together to walk forward in that direction?



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