Redefining Justice

I’ve had countless conversations with women around this idea that the only form of justice suitable for an abusive partner results from the action taken by the criminal justice system. I’d like to challenge each of us to begin to think differently about this. I’m all too familiar with the feelings associated with not feeling heard, countless calls to the police department with no action taken, the frustration that comes from feeling helpless, angry, and mislead.

When we as survivors are trespassed against we have a strong desire to feel as though the perpetrator has to pay for this violation, and yet this often doesn’t happen. We begin to experience the world as an unjust place, often seeing our abuser as having it easy compared to what we endure. Here’s the thing, friends…when we choose to operate from this place we ultimately miss out on the opportunity to live in freedom. We continue to be in bondage and restricted by our feelings of victimization. I believe that justice is not ours to dictate, and that each of us is called to trust in a bigger plan. Let’s begin to trust in this idea, while also making a choice to live in freedom and not allow the choices of those that have hurt us keep us from experiencing all that is intended.

Deciding to live from this place can be a process, it has certainly taken me some time and I still need reminders today. I’d like to affirm each of you this evening as being deserving of the same. It’s a much richer place to be, no matter the actual circumstances. I spent far too much of my life being controlled, while believing I was worthy of nothing more; not today. Our justice comes from choosing to be set free, and has nothing to do with the ruling of a judge, jail time, restitution, or discomfort for those that we may wish it upon. At the end of the day justice comes from our letting go, and knowing that we are not responsible for the outcome of anyone else’s life other than our own, good or bad, including our partners.

How will you experience justice and freedom today?



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