Our Work


The need for information and support on college campuses is tremendous and well documented. An estimated 25% of college students have experienced rape or sexual assault, and among college women, 9 in 10 victims of rape and sexual assault knew their offender. NoSilence NoViolence brings education to college campuses around the country in order to HELP eliminate relationship abuse and sexual assault. NoSilence NoViolence has been brought in to work with faculty and administrative teams seeking to improve campus safety for women as part of their health and wellness objectives; our presentations have reached over 7,500 thousand students.

The organization also works with companies and organizations that recognize the importance of supporting their employees who are in destructive relationships. NoSilence NoViolence works tirelessly to educate employers about how domestic violence affects work environments, and educates staff about reporting obligations, workplace safety, and caring for co-workers and employees that we suspect may be dealing with abuse at home.

Lastly, NoSilence NoViolence offers presentations to communities impacted by domestic violence in an effort to eliminate stigma, create opportunities for education and resource sharing, and engage in dialogue to help break the cycle of domestic violence. This includes topics such as rights within relationships, modeling healthy relationships for our children, and offering direct support.



Many survivors (both young and old) find themselves “stuck” in these relationships for years due to the absence of necessary support. NoSilence NoViolence is committed to raising funds in order to stand alongside survivors and their children both while they are in and as they prepare to safely leave an abusive relationship, providing them with the means necessary to rebuild their lives.

Donations are tax-deductible and go directly towards providing services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault such as:

  • paying for educational /training and start-up childcare
  • food and clothing
  • legal resources and trauma therapy
  • support to move into safe housing (ie, start up utilities, rent deposit)
  • other items as needed.

Educational Groups: NoSilence NoViolence offers free (bilingual) educational groups online and in various locations around the Country. These groups are confidential and provide a safe place for survivors to come together and recognize they are not alone. Curriculum topics include healthy relationships, setting boundaries, parenting without guilt, assertiveness, healing, self-esteem, and more.



Adopt-A-Family: NoSilence NoViolence provides support to over 100 families in need every holiday season, offering wrapped toys, clothing, household items, and other necessities as requested by the women and children selected to participate.

The organization offers opportunities to large corporations, faith based communities, and philanthropy groups to participate in coordinated efforts including building hygiene bags for survivors in shelters, painting projects, providing make-over events, hosting awareness activities, and more.

In addition, NoSilence NoViolence encourages campuses to provide onsite resources, offer means of protection, and support survivors as they move forward in their healing process.



NoSilence NoViolence trains and encourages faculty and administrative teams seeking to improve campus/business safety for women as part of their health and wellness objectives.

As a proud partner of The San Diego Domestic Violence Council, NoSilence NoViolence works tirelessly to make a difference in the way we advocate for change surrounding this epidemic