NSNV Saves Lives

In her 20s and with a seven-month-old infant, “T” feared for her life as her court date approached. Her abuser — who has a criminal history — was considered very violent. The most dangerous time period for her would be the days leading up to the court proceedings. She was unable to utilize a shelter because she had to go back and forth to work. Referred to NoSilence NoViolence by Parent Voices, we connected her with law enforcement resources regarding her restraining order, paid for a few nights of hotel stay around the court date, and then helped keep her safe at home by purchasing a security camera.

“NSNV has been a tremendous help to me when I felt I had no one or nowhere to go. You were very caring from the beginning and helped keep my son and I safe in a crisis [situation].”

NSNV plays a unique role in the community. We frequently receive referrals from other agencies as a gap-filler that can step in to assist clients when no other entity can. This is because we can act quickly, with services not available under the categorical funding that limits most other organizations. For example, NSNV offers support with rental assistance, car repairs, gas cards and security devices, all critical for survivors to be successful in remaining safe and independent.

Parent Voices is just one of many organizations that partner with NSNV to expand our reach, helping us to fill gaps in services for more individuals and families dealing with domestic violence. Please support us and our partners using the “Donate” link above.

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