Myths Surrounding Domestic Violence

Whenever I begin a presentation or workshop I spend some time discussing the myths and stereotypes that exist surrounding domestic violence…

  • Who does this happen to?
  • What ethnic groups/religions/socio economic classes are most likely to be victimized?
  • What are the backgrounds of those that find themselves in abusive relationships?

Unfortunately, the answers to each of these statements are the same…and that is ALL of us are affected by domestic violence. With the statistics being that 1 in 4 women are or will be physically abused during their lifetime, and every socio-economic class, culture, and religion dealing with this epidemic, creating change, standing up, and speaking out is a responsibility that belongs to us ALL.

My encouragement to each of you today: Whether you are a survivor, or have a friend or family member that is struggling, we have an opportunity every day to take a stand against domestic violence, affirming our worth and value, teaching our children theirs, supporting our friends, and educating our communities. Make a difference…in your own life, the lives of those you are closest to, and generations to come by being an active participant in this movement intended to end domestic violence today!

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