Mine Until Prepares to Launch

In less than one week my memoir, Mine Until will become available across the country. It was with many mixed emotions that I participated in the final read through as it went off to the design team close to two months ago. As I flipped through the pages of what is my life, I was met with an overflow of tears…unlike I had ever experienced before. I was quickly overcome with fear and doubt…what would the world think of me as they read about all of my shortcomings? How will this affect my family? What if this isn’t God’s plan for me? How are these awful details going to be met by pure strangers? I spent the next 24hrs in quiet, praying, and reflecting on both my past, as well as all that has come since. I came out of this quiet space exhausted, while also feeling complete peace and absolute conviction around the release of this book. It isn’t pretty, yet it is my truth…and through it my hope is that a movement of healing is created, with survivors uniting globally to change the way we look at, talk about, provide education around, and promote healing surrounding domestic violence….courageously, and together. I am not alone. You are not alone. We are not alone.

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