Ending Domestic Violence is Everyone’s Responsibility

As I participated in a conversation earlier today with a few new friends it became evident that while there is some awareness around domestic violence as an epidemic, there is little education surrounding what we as a society at large can do to actively make a difference. In sharing my story with these new found friends I watched them grow in anxiety and horror as the circumstances of my life were unveiled. I made certain that as we wrapped up the conversation we spent time talking about the wonderful blessing that has come from my then life, and the opportunity we each have, whether personally experiencing domestic violence or not, to create safe spaces in our homes, relationships, churches, workplace, and communities for important dialogue surrounding this epidemic.

Now at home, I’ve had time to reflect on the earlier conversation, realizing that in order to make a true difference as it pertains to domestic violence, we must include a call to action for MEN as we come together in this movement. This isn’t only about women teaching other women about red flags, warning signs, and the cycle of violence…this is about BOYS being taught their value, worth, and capacity in relationships in order to find value in others. As I’ve spent much of my time speaking with women across the country, I also look forward to spending time talking with men, both young and old, about the trauma that they bring into relationships, ultimately resulting in domestic violence which is NOT just a “woman’s issue” but a community and environmental calling!

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