End of Fiscal Year Newsletter 2023

Hello friends!

Last month we got an urgent call from a local domestic violence shelter. One of their residents, a mom with two young children, had received an offer of employment but could not take the job without a working vehicle—to get her kids back and forth to day care and herself to the place of employment. “D” had a car, but due to the turmoil of her having to leave her abusive partner in a hurry and without any personal finances, she could not afford to pay the car registration and overdue fees that had accumulated. She could not take the job offer without the car. D had made dozens of calls to other resources, but none could help her. The shelter reached out to us because we are known as a “gap filler” that can often help out in unique ways because our funding is not bound by stringent categorical requirements.

We said YES: We paid the overdue fees right away, and that got D to work. She was blown away by our swift response and generosity and is now working full time and living in her own apartment.

“NoSilence NoViolence made a life-changing difference for me,” she said. And this is just one example of the ways in which NoSilence NoViolence changes lives.

We take pride in being an organization that lifts up survivors and their families, whether it be through support groups, or paying for necessities such as transportation, child care, food/diapers, legal services or trauma therapy. We are at the end of our fiscal year, and our coffers are running low until we receive 2023-24 funding in the fall. But the ongoing needs of survivors like D don’t stop.

We want to continue our crucial role as a prompt responder, to say YES to survivors in need. We could really use your support at this time. We stretch your dollars by being a nearly all-volunteer organization. Without support from generous friends like you, we could not do the amazingly satisfying and impactful work we do. THANK YOU !!!

Warmest Regards,

Jessica Yaffa
NoSilence NoViolence President

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