Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I’ve traveled the country this past month (and it’s not over yet) with the intention of bringing awareness to domestic violence and the responsibility we each have to take a stand against it. From Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle, to colleges in San Diego, Michigan, and Missouri, I stay committed to the cause no matter the level of fatigue my system may experience. As I prepare to make my way back home, only to leave again in a few days, I’m reflecting on the countless lives that have, and will continue to be positively impacted because NoSilence NoViolence is spreading a message of resiliency, hope, healing, and restoration. It is in these moments, with faces young and old in my mind, that I find the energy, passion, and purpose to prepare for yet another presentation. It isn’t often that we are able to spend our lives doing something that feeds our spirits in the way that this work does for mine. While I may have moments of doubt, insecurity, weakness, and exhaustion, I am more clear today that I was made for this work than ever before. Please be encouraged this evening that we each have the capacity to not only change our circumstances, but we can ultimately experience profound glory and triumph as we do.

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