Board Member Interview: Heather Heavey

We spoke with Heather Heavey — Board Member for eight years, now a dedicated Volunteer — about her experience with NoSilence NoViolence.

What interested you in joining the Board of Directors for NSNV?

I am a childhood survivor and feel personally connected to the work NSNV does. My career is also in hospice volunteer management and I believe in the power of the community supporting the community.

What kind of work did you do as a Board member? 

I served as Board Secretary, and helped with fundraising and events. I also was the Volunteer Coordinator and helped build policies, structure procedures, and onboard volunteers with support and training. As a volunteer, I run Healthy Relationship Classes and have done two groups with military spouses alongside volunteer Elin Patman.

Are there any contributions that you are you especially proud of?

We had a community event years ago where we had survivors from all over the community come and we set up free haircuts, we had racks of clothes for survivors to choose from, we set up a DIY nail station, and had other resources available. This gave survivors a day of feeling seen, valued and special. The haircuts were a game changer. I loved seeing women and children sit down feeling one way, then later rise from the chair with a smile on their face.

We also had a workshop where the children of our survivors made cards to encourage other kids at domestic violence shelters. This idea came from one of our survivor kiddos, and she said she knew how she had felt and wished another kid could have helped her feel she wasn’t alone. It was so powerful to see the kids working out their own feelings through their notes and creativity.

The fundraisers are always a high point in the year …
Seeing the donations flowing makes my heart happy
because we know each dollar represents healing and support.”

I love that survivors attend events — I get to see how they’ve grown and thrived over the years, and for those who come and are still struggling, we can normalize that it’s okay, that this healing journey isn’t linear.

What would you say to those looking to support NSNV as a volunteer or future Board Member?

The value of your direct impact through your time and support of NoSilence NoViolence is powerful, and something you can be proud of.

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